Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Another YouTube Vid...

Ok, check out this neat little Youtube vid. I am hoping the poster gets a few more of these going...

On another note. If you haven't checked out the Tinplate Times..... Well, you really should. We're lucky to have a guy like Jim Kelly architecting an online magazine like this. I just wish some of the bigger publications would take note and follow Jim's lead (you know, articles that are easy to read an interesting to anyone).

Bounce over to the Prewar Times. There's a neat bit of info up on Toy Trains Unlimited. I am waffling on whether to irritate my spouse and pick up one of those incredible Prewar bridges/layouts they build. Damn they're good. And they are made in America!!! Makes it that much easier to justify (at least in my pathetic train addled mind).

Here is the vid:

Here's a video that has been making its' way around the Tinplate Forums. Be sure to leave feedback for the authors on Youtube and let them know that the effort and time is appreciated. This is time consuming and getting it right is tough.

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