Monday, December 04, 2006

Rumors, Rumors, Rumors....

It's a rumor so don't go nuts with the above letter head. I used it because it differentiates the Lionel of new from the Lionel of old.

There is a rumor that I have now heard from more than one source (it's out there on the O Gauge Forums) that Lionel is going to sally forth back into the world of Tinplate (meaning prewar O or Standard Gauge trains) AND that Lionel has some suprises.

Can anyone fill in some blanks? TMCC or non-TMCC? Why now? Are they going to dabble in the market or will they stay in the market? Standard or O?

I have some items I would like to see Lionel produce. I guess I would love to know who they are getting their information from and how they are studying this part of the market? I'm all for them jumping into the fracas of tinplate. One thing for sure, whatever they do won't go un-noticed!


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