Friday, December 29, 2006

NY Transit Museum

Well, I was knocking around Brooklyn today and I managed to jump into the NYC Transit Museum for an hour (or two).

If you have never been to this museum, it is worth the time, especially if you are in New York City anyway.

It's well thought out and has some of the nicest trains YOU WILL EVER SEE, especially subways. So here comes a series on the transit museum! The above picture is of Schermerhorn Street in Brooklyn (where the Transit Museum is located). The current exhibit highlites the actual building of the subway system (it is tremendously interesting). They also have an old toy exhibit (who'd a thunk it?) and some other stuff that's just amazing. I was there when it first opened many years ago and it doesn't disappoint to this day. There are quite a few tourists there as well as some very die hard subway people (I encountered one who COULD NOT stop talking).

Lots of pics and some video footage of a real 1910 Steeple Cab.


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