Monday, December 11, 2006

Books, Catalogs, and Paper

One of the aspects of the hobby I enjoy is collecting books, certain catalogs, and other paper like instruction sheets and magazine advertisements. I have, I think, a pretty good library in terms of books on prewar standard gauge, but only a small collection of related paper. I know that there is a paper collector's group that meets at York. I sent in a request to join a few months ago but I must have used an old address because the envelope was returned. If anyone has current contact information for the paper group please post it in the comments section. In addition to books I do keep the TCA Quarterly magazines I receive, and I buy back issues from time to time when I see them at train meets. The various Greenberg's Guides probably form the core of my standard gauge related book collection. Over the years I've managed to acquire most of them that focus on prewar trains. It's a shame that it is unlikely that they will ever be reprinted. The TCA Lionel book is also a must for any serious collector. David Doyle's book on prewar Lionel is a welcome contemporary addition to the library. Doyle also edited the recently published 6th edition of O'Briens Collecting Toy Trains - another excellent recent tome. I sure hope that there are more such books about prewar tinplate on the horizon.


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