Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"Any Boy Will Be Proud To Own One Of Them"

...but I'd prefer to have three in a row! Picking up on the accessories thread and Marc's post about bridges, the Lionel 280 bridge is my "accessory of the day." I've always felt that the little 280 standard gauge bridge is an underrated item. I only have one on my layout in a spot where I could use two, but I haven't found the matching late light green/nickel plates piece that I need just yet. Introduced in 1931 and catalogued until the end of the prewar era, the 280, 281 (dual bridge) and 282 (triple span) boasted a design "taken from the great railroad bridges in America" complete with "a foot path on each side with a handsome portal at either end of the path." Does anyone have two of these, or even better, three of them in a row on your layout? Send us pictures of your single 280 bridge or multiple bridges, and we'll post them.


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