Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Use of Signals

FluxusReadymade sent me this great video of a #50 making the rounds and his excellent use of switches and signals. This is all of what trains are about. I need to slapped upside the head and reminded that it's the playing, not the collecting and acquisition that's important. This is really cool and Fluxus is experimenting with some newer vids and lighting. Hopefully he'll have some time! He asked that we please forgive the darkness, it's an initial attempt and not the only one.

On a different note, I have a question into Youtube. I am wondering how long the links and videos last before they are archived and/or discarded. I often look at old low tech bulletins and quarterlies (TCA, TTOS, etc.).

While low tech, they have preserved their messages for almost half a century. I need to work and make sure the blog isn't lost to antiquity as well. I got thinking about it when I tried to consider how I could read Jim Kelly's website offline in magazine form. It ocurred to me that I would love to have it as a reference for many years hence. I was looking at a CD last night and it had a picture from the mid-20th century of Louis Hertz and some folks from the Ives Train Society putting up the plaque on the Ives building. Low tech, yet seen by many....

I think of all of the computers I have in storage and how getting data off of them is difficult and time consuming. I've got to figure out a way to get the info off of the blog (and net in general) while retaining the formatting, etc.. I have thought about how many local TCA news columns and e-Trains I have seen online and the fact that I may not always be able to get to them.

It's easier to publish now; it's also easier to drop our work into the blowing winds of net-time and never see it again as well....

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