Sunday, December 31, 2006

Merry New Year!

Merry New Year! Check out this prodigious bit of motive power at the New York Transit Museum. I've attached a bit of Youtube video for your perusal.

Again, the models are great but just don't do the real thing justice. This 1910 Steeple cab is spectacular up close.

Remember, movies in 1910 were still silent and yet this Steeple Cab could be used today with no penalty!
This Steeplecab is Brooklyn #5. Click on Brooklyn (above) to get much more detail on these dimunitive little engines. I've heard about them almost my entire life but I've only seen one other in New Haven and it wasn't in nearly the same shape this one is. I recently read that this Steeple does fan excusions and the like. I will be watching out for that trip and maybe doing some advertising on the blog to get some of our readers out of the house or office!
This thing is just gorgeous, I hope that some clever manufacturers decide to put some of these together. Even the inside has some real personality, it reminded me of the inside of an old ship. Not every engine needs to haul anxious passengers around the East or West Coast. I'd be happy just get my coal from Jersey to New Haven!

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