Sunday, May 08, 2005

Cold Spring - Going Under the Tracks

Wouldn't this building look amazing in standard gauge? You think a public works project would build anything like this in a small town nowadays? Not a chance!

This little building leads to a tunnel that goes under the Metro North/Amtrak tracks. The other side is a few more stores, a really nice bed and breakfast/restaraunt, the other side of the Metro North Station and the Hudson River. To the right of this structure is the old station (which is now a restaraunt). The actual cold spring is also over to the right as well as a small band pavillion. You can literally sit 10 feet from the train tracks in a very nice environment and watch the Metro North and Amtrak Metroliners whiz by.

Most of the time, these buildings are in ruins but this serves as a connection for one part of the city to another. I'm glad these little buildings are still around and used, they are really vital bits of our past.

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