Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Front Entrance of Erector Square

Ok, so here's a quick story that Jim told me while we were hanging out around the AC Gilbert Factory:

Jim was buddies with one of the guys at the AC Gilbert Factory (he knew Maury but it wasn't him). Apparently they decided not to have a bonfire like they did at Ives. Worse.

They (American Flyer) moved all of their inventory from Chicago to New Haven. A manager took Jim's friend outside of the factory (see the first picture I took of the white building). Outside were President Specials, Pocahontas Sets, Shasta Loco's, Steam Locos, the whole enchilada.

The manager took a nice big rock and smashed the President's Special cars. Jim told me he smashed at least 50 President's Special sets, he smashed just about everything and chucked the metal for scrap.

Please see this link for what I needed next:

and this:


Fortunately he also told me Maury rescued a substantial amount of standard gauge from the smashers rock. What is wrong with these people? I know one man's trash is another man's treasure but come on! There is absolutely no paint more beautiful than the Rolls Royce Blue on a Presidents Special.

The front of this building really doesn't disappoint though. It is exactly what I thought a toy train and the Erector Company would look like.


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