Saturday, May 14, 2005

The One That Got Away....

I was watching the Ralston auction today. Most of it was very, very reasonable, especially if you like Marklin or some other German manufacturer.

I wish they broke the auction up logically, like The New England Toy Train Exchange does. Everything seems to be all over the place. I really like the German stuff but I would rather tune into the auction when items I am interested in are getting auctioned off. All in all though, the auctions were not expensive at all. I am still confused on the Lionel Classics stuff, they auctioned off two 390E's in Blue and Green that they claimed were Lionel Classics. I just know that this can't be correct.

The above (pictured) got away. I was about to bid and my internet connection died. I practically threw the computer at the wall.

The price of 260 bucks is pretty reasonable for this set. I only have one CMT engine and it doesn't run well at all. I thought I would try this one. I liked this Camelback because I haven't seen many in standard gauge.

Does anyone have any information on CMT or some of the other obscure vendors like JAD?

Oh well, another day, another train....

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Gilbert Ives said...

You REALLY MUST snipe in order to get what you want and at a decent price. Once, but only once, esnipe failed to execute a bid. Thankfully it wasn't for something "rare" or even "scarce".

That camelback is wonderful. There was a white/cream & red Reading version with passenger cars in the last few months. And Drew Bauer had the Erie about a year ago [sold for around $300]. Wonder what the production was of Classic Model Trains.

Too bad these items can't be made. Seems everybody wants a State Set or Blue Comet but not much else.

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

Honestly though, it was nobody's fault but my butthead neighbor that uses some cheap wireless router that hoses my connection and all of the connections down my block.

Damn was that irritating! I had been watching that auction all morning. I had been waiting specifically for that item and 2 seconds before it went up the connection went SOUTH!

I am going to keep watching out for that Camelback. It's something different that we just don't see in Standard Gauge.

I think I am going to throw an advertisement in the TCA Mag to see if anyone in the TCA has one. It's gonna border on an obsession pretty soon.


Gilbert Ives said...

Have you tried Charlie Wood? Even though he doesn't make Standard anymore, he might know where you might find one of his camelbacks. [TCA directory, Ohio].

Gilbert Ives said...

RE: Classic Model Trains; JAD

Charles Wood and John Daniel are still around. Perhaps they would talk to you and send you some materials from their manufacturing days. Just a few years ago, Daniel still had Hiawatha locos available, though no passenger cars.

Do you know of any listing of all the items they produced? I don't.

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

Here's the story of Classic Model Trains (Charles Wood sent me an email):

We made Classic Model Trains for 20 years buying from a fellow collector in the Baltimore area. He and Jerry Williams started it in 1970. They parted in a year or so and Jerry started Williams Reproductions.

Fred continued on until 1978 when I bought him out.
Lots of fun and challanges. Was very happy to sell it in 1998, the year I partially retired.

That's about it, I think he still makes paint....

Couldn't find John Daniels though. Charles also had no idea who had a Camelback, so I dropped an ad in the TCA quarterly.


Gilbert Ives said...

It's John A. DANIEL [email address listed in directory].

Standard Gauge Blogger said...


Maybe I am looking in the wrong TCA Directory. I can't seem to find him. If you can, can you drop me his email address at:
I'd appreciate it. I am going to post some pics of a cool JAD item I just picked up. Was modified by someone a little bit. It still a very cool set.