Sunday, May 08, 2005

Coldpring, NY Continued II

Ok, so here is the thing about this little town:

1) I have found a ton of great standard gauge trains in this little patch of antique and toy stores.
2) The proprietors of these stores are not particularly cheap however they are not outrageous like eBay can be and they focus on quality. They are typically not train dealers. They are also typically very nice people.
3) Everytime I come hear there are different trains and toys on the shelves.
4) There are other things to do (for wives and kids) besides look at toys and trains.
5) You can see tons of real trains. Metro North and Amtrak run through the lower part of the town. If you go down to the Hudson River, you can see real freight trains running daily through the mountains. I saw four distinct trains (3 passenger and one freight) in 60 minutes. That makes it worth the trip right there.

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