Sunday, May 08, 2005

Coldpring, NY Continued III

Here's something else about Coldspring that will intrigue all of you out there: the town itself hasn't changed a whole lot since 1899. Yes, people have computers in stores and there are all kinds of folks walking around. Parking can be a hassle but essentially, the town looks the same as it has for over a century. Wanna see what it looked like when standard gauge was invented? Coldspring is one of the few places where the line between now and then gets a little gray.

And guess what isn't there? No GAP, no Starbucks, no Old Navy, no Walgreens, no CVS no Walmart. No, it isn't in the sticks, you can get to all those places in about 22.5 minutes.

It is just a small town with lots of sole proprietors or small business people doing business the old fashioned way. All the amenities are there (most are better than their massive corporate counterparts) just the huge brand names are missing. Funny thing is though, unless you are addicted to a Mocha Grande or some junk like that, you won't care.

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