Thursday, May 19, 2005

JAD M10000

I'd love to add a few more cars to this thing. It's already huge but I don't care, two more cars would make it ideal.

Now if I could just get my hands on a decent standard gauge Zephyr.....

There are at no less than 8 versions of the M10000 and Zephyr in O gauge but diddly in standard gauge. Come on manufacturers! I also just saw the new MTH catalog (the I-5). That I-5 and some heavyweights sure would look nice in standard gauge.

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Anonymous said...

Not true.... Jerry Brown from California made some impressive standard gauge items. He produced the Union Pacific M-10000, UP M-10005 City of Denver and the Illinois Central M-121 Green Diamond. As well as some Standard Gauge Railchief cars.


Standard Gauge Blogger said...


Wow! Do you have any pics or know anyone that has one of the Jerry Brown creations? I'd love to see them!


Anonymous said...

He was friends with John Daniels. Here are some articles with pictures:

TTOS Bulletin Vol.10, No,8 (Aug. 1975)
TTOS Bulletin Vol.10, No,11 (Nov. 1975)
TCA Quarterly Vol.23, No.4 (Summer 1977)
TCA Quarterly Vol.28, No.2 (April 1982)
TCA Quarterly Vol.32, No.1 (Jan. 1986)

Gilbert Ives said...

RE: JAD Railway Lines --

As I was searching for those Bulletins mentioned, I came across the May, 1974 [vol.9, #5] with the Hiawatha cover.... "Little Hiawatha has Heap Big Brother!".

John Daniel statement inside and at bottom "East Coast Representative: Dick Battaglia, Trumbull, Conn." Is he still around? [not in 2005 TCA directory, and I don't have a TTOS directory].

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

Thanks Guys, much appreciated. One thing though, I have absolutely no way of getting the hardcopies of the TTOS and TCA Quarterly's. I don't keep my TCA Quarterly's and I don't belong to TTOS. Any ideas on how I can get my hands on these?

By the way, I sent an email to John Daniels and I have yet to hear back. I can't seem to find him in my TCA directory (which is kind of irritating), but I'll keep looking.

You guys have really peaked my curiousity! A Green Diamond! Yeouch!

Honestly though, I did see a Daniels flavor of the SP GS-4 and matching cars at a Mareurail Auction. I'm not a huge fan of orange locomotives (except a few rare Ives Examples). I am kind of really anxious to see the Daniels Shay. A Shay in Standard Gauge would be something!


Anonymous said...

The SP GS-4 is more a Lee Lines item than a JAD item. Lee Lines had big hopes to produce lots of interesting items (just look at the catalog), but I believe the GS-4 was the only one to see the light of day. I'm sure it wouldn't have without the help of John Danials (I believe he made the cars). John seemed to have a hand in many of the small manufactured SG trains that came out of California shops.

As for finding those old Bulletins, train shows are the best bet. i came across a near complete set for very little money.... it's funny how dealers really don't want to drag these heavy boxes around. These old Bulletins and Q's are a wealth of good info, especially the ones from the 70's and 80's when most of this stuff was produced.


Standard Gauge Blogger said...

Thanks Arno, I'll keep a lookout at the shows. If you have the articles already sorted out or can scan them, I'd greatly appreciate it. Heck, I'd be glad to scan them and get the paper back to you if need be.


Anonymous said...

RE: JAD Railway Lines
YES! Dick Battaglia is alive & well, living in California.
You can find a reference to "JAD Railways" including 2 photos of the Standard Gauge Hiawatha in the book "America's Standard Gauge ELECTRIC TRAINS" by Peter H. Riddle ISBN 0-930625-22-6 (page 94). The book incorrectly credits the name "JAD" solely to “John A. Daniels.” JAD Railway lines was in fact founded by toy train lovers (J)ohn Daniels, (A)rt Varney and (D)ick Battaglia, and a silent partner, Jerry Brown. They formed the partnership in 1973 and called it, of course JAD, first initials of first names of the founders. As a silent partner, Jerry Brown’s name was not included in the acronym.

-Charlie Davis