Saturday, May 07, 2005

Saturday News Dispatch...

Happy Saturday again! Another pic from Henry Ford's Museum. This trolley is from Ft. Collins, CO.

By the way, a whole bunch of auctions are up and ready for everyone to view: NETTE has their auction up on their website. Stout's May 21 auction is also up. There is some nice standard gauge in that auction that should be relatively inexpensive. Ya gotta dig in the Stout Auction though, there is a ton of Marklin and Postwar Lionel.

There is also an online auction on eBay Live auctions for next week from Lloyd Ralston. They have some stuff that I would like to get my hands on. I saw a "Joe Mania" set; a #6 and some cars. I also saw some 390's in different colors that claim to be Lionel Classics. I was curious, I thought Lionel only put out the Classics 390E in Black. There is a Blue Comet 390E and a Green 390E. I am kicking around bidding on them but I am wondering if they are just Lionel Classics that someone repainted. Paint in electronic auctions just never looks right, you can never tell.

Last, one of Jim Cohen's 1764's is out on eBay. The initial asking price is $600 (a little high) but it is probably the most accurate reproduction you can get of the original.

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