Monday, May 02, 2005

The Ives Adventure (Part I)

Some time ago I said that I was going to set out on a fact finding mission with my trusty HP Camera to discover some of of the Ives of past. Even if the factories had been torched, pummeled to the ground and left to dissolve in the ashes of time, I thought I would make the trek that many pilgrims before me had made.

The best way to start out a trek, especially through a dangerous place like Bridgeport and parts of New Haven, is to do a little reading on the subject. This book by Mr. Hertz cost me about $35 on eBay but was worth every penny. This wasn't an easy read, primarily because of Louis Hertz's writing style but also because it does seem to recall the loss of a company that really shouldn't have been lost. Suffice to say, it is a sad story that created a substantial amount of great toys. The book did give me a good idea of what I wanted to see though.

The sadness unfortunately doesn't stop at just this company though, Bridgeport is a sad place, full of beautiful, graceful structures, parks and a city center that once was and could be again. It is dangerous (I saw several prostitutes and their "bosses" as well as several drug dealers) and I also saw a city that really has amazing architecture, some extremely nice neighborhoods and is a port.

More in the coming posts.....

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