Thursday, May 19, 2005

DCS & 22 Volts?

Ok, so I am trying to fire up the below GG1 as well as a few other standard gauge morsels and my DCS remote won't kick out more than 22 Volts of juice in conventional mode.

I called MTH and got through to a great tech. He told me that most O gauge engines and most current standard gauge don't use much more than 22 volts. Unfortunately, standard gauge requires a little more than 22 Volts of juice.

I like DCS and I don't see changing my preferred control mechanism but it looks like I may just have to wire up a seperate ZW to my standard gauge track.

First though, has anyone figured out any tricks with DCS to get around this "juice shortage"? If not, I guess I'll just take one of the old ZW's out of the closet.

PS It took me 1.5 minutes to get to a live and knowledgable person (that was from this country) at MTH. No company is perfect but as someone that can't even get a live person on the phone from his OWN gigantic company, I was very pleasantly suprised. That's good work, even if I didn't get the answer I wanted!

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