Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Last Pic of the New Haven Car Barn

This little window caught my eye at the Trolley Car Barn in New Haven. That window looks very familiar, I am sure I have seen it on one or two Lionel or Ives switch towers. It's difficult to see from the street (especially if you are in a car). Check out the link, the trolley museum has a neat shot of the front of the barn with some cars on the way out. It really doesn't look much different. It does look out of place without trolleys. It's one of those buildings you drive by and don't pay any mind to until you know what it was for. Then it just doesn't look right as a "Hotel Liquidator".

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PS Just click on these pictures (if you already don't) to explode them. I take all my pics at 5.1 Megapixels. I have to dumb them down a little to make them a reasonable size on the blog (it's one of the reasons it loads fairly quickly, even over a modem) but if you click on them, you will get a decent high res pic.

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