Friday, August 05, 2005

2006 TCA Convention Car

Looks like the TCA Convention cars are out. It's tough with these cars; they are expensive but the graphics are really nice. I just took delivery of some MTH Freight cars and they are really, really nice. This is where train stores are important because it is difficult to see how nice these cars are in a catalog.

I am anxiously awaiting last year's MTH operating car!!! So far, nobody seems to have one. As soon as I get one, I'll do a quick write up.

By the way, MTH is coming out with the new Tinplate Catalog in the next two weeks. I'll publish out the highlites as soon as I see it!



Clint said...

I'm anxious to see what's in the new catalog; I'm hoping for more RTR Standard gauge sets! I'm beginning to feel the need for another Standard gauge fix. It kinda gets in your blood, ya know?

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

Ya, gets into your wallet as well! I buy too much of this stuff as is. Hopefully they'll do something out of the ordinary for me to justify dropping all this cash....

Anonymous said...

Marc I read your article about the new 2006 TCA car and your anticipated arrival of the 2005 motorized crane car. Do you know anyone who ordered the TCA motorized crane car but for some unfortunate reason cant take delivery? I wanted to purchase it but had a shortage of cash flow and was unable to order it by the December deadline. If you do know someone I would like to have the opportunity to purchase it. This would help out a friend of yours and it would help me out.If you do know someone please reply here and I will send you the pertinent information. I am a little shy about putting Email addresses on an open forum. Thank you.


Standard Gauge Blogger said...

I don't know a single soul that has taken delivery of one yet. It's a fairly expensive item, two things are gonna happen (guaranteed):

1) Someone will speculate with at least one or two of the cars on eBay.

2) Someone will speculate with at least two cars at York.

Keep your eyes open for when the cars actually ship, that's when you will see them on the secondary markets.

Also, you should give MTH a call directly. Ask for their sales department and ask if they ordered any extra cars. They do order extras in almost every run and while it will cost you list, they are great to deal with and will usually do whatever they can to keep the customer happy.

Otherwise - if I see one for sale, I will post it on the board!