Tuesday, August 09, 2005

More Amazing McCoy II

You all know the affinity I have for Steeple Cabs. I actually saw one about 15 years ago in Grand Central. It was for a movie (that of course I never saw).

This McCoy Steeple Cab makes me wish I had the presence of mind to buy it when I saw it in a catalog many years ago.

While not quite as detailed as Jim Cohen's, this models a different kind of Steeple Cab and the effect is outstanding, nothing less. We could use some Bob McCoy's in the hobby today. This guy was just great with metal, no doubt about it. I'll post a few more pics of this collection. But one thing that will catch your eye (like the above red engine) is the colors the McCoy's used. They didn't fall into the Lionel Prewar trap of trying to replicate someone else's work. Over time, this stuff really has aged beautifully and the colors haven't lost any of their vibrant tones. Color is something we take for granted in standard gauge and is more or less lost on scale modelers.

In the age where everything is computerized, the visceral color of standard gauge really does stand out in the artwork world of toys.

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Anonymous said...

McCoy never produced the Steeple Cab that they pictured in the catalogs. They claimed it would be too hard to produce. They might have made a few and this could be one, but I recall Rail-Tech (Al Merris) made one that looked a lot like this. And I've seen a few of those around.