Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Aeolus Set on eBay

I hate eBay. Just when a couple of really nice things pop up and I debate spending more than I can afford, something I definitely, no way can afford comes up.

This set is going for around $2700 bucks. Actually, with a rare set like this in the condition it is in, that's not that bad.

This set is one gorgeous O gauge product. I actually think it is probably one of the nicest O gauge sets I have ever seen.

I said to a friend of mine once that I would have loved to see an engine and set like this in standard gauge. He said that he thought this was one of the ugliest sets he had ever seen. "Looks like you picked the wrong day to quit sniffin glue!" I said (a cheesy joke from the hysterical movie Airplane, I still laugh). But it is true. I think he's nuts.

In standard gauge, this set would probably rival the Blue Comet as one of the most gorgeous sets around. It's formidable in O gauge.

Ah well, I'll have to eek out my existence with the paltry collection of stuff I have.... Does anyone out there have one of these things? How do they run?



Anonymous said...

WOW! Great set - the Mayflower of AF 0 gauge. Jim Kelly

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

Well, it went for 2400 bucks! Man, when I think of the crap I have bought.... Computers and stuff for cars (sound of head thumping on wall). Arrggghhh.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful set.

I always wished that a company or individual would have made the red streamlined engine from the cover of Model Builder that I remember.

I'm such a sucker for great streamliners.

Keep up the great work Marc.