Friday, August 26, 2005

Charlie Wood Steamer (Classic Model Trains)

Here's a neat little CMT loco. I can't figure out how to get it to run. It has a big Pittman motor in it that just seems to be growling.

I don't think that this engine likes the DCS Controller very much. I just have a feeling if I wire the ZW directly to the track. The cowcatcher hits the track and sparks a ton too. We'll see, I think I can whip this into shape. It's a nice engine and the cars are quite elegant (simplicity speaks volumes)...



Anonymous said...

Just for the record ('cause it seems to be my job), but this is a Classic Model Corp (CMC) not a Classic Model Trains (CMT) locomotive. Charlie Wood didn't take over CMC until about 1978 and this engine pre-dates that. Even though there are some other changes that Charlie made to the line, the rule of thumb is if it is labeled "Standard Lines" it is a CMC product. These were made by Fred Mills and for a short time Jerry Williams.

Happy Rails,


Standard Gauge Blogger said...

Thanks Arno. I saw a TCA article in an old quarterly with a lineup of these engines and a description of Charlie Woods manufacturing. I bet it was an old picture for the article (that was were my source was from).

I also found out that this engine is not AC but DC. Now I gotta hook up my DC transformer.


Anonymous said...

did you get this off of ebay. or did you already have it. would like to find one of those for myself. I own a set of his cars allready.

Unknown said...

I just picked up one of these minus the cow catcher and it needs a bridge rectifier to run under AC. It is a nice beautiful locomotive. I also picked up the #13 coach car that was with it. Maybe I will find the matching cars in the future.