Friday, August 26, 2005

Richart 256

While we are talking about Richart....

Here's a beautiful 256 and cars. All built by Richart and in different colors than the originals. Honestly, I don't like the color orange on trains that much (some are ok). I always liked the 256 and 700 series cars but not the orange colors.

This is the huge value independent manufacturers (that aren't busy suing each other) give to the market place. Look how gorgeous the colors are on this. Reminds me of a President's Special in O gauge.

It's kind of funny, I'd really like to see this in standard gauge. The engine is actually almost big enough to be standard gauge.

I have to wonder if Lionel ever considered colors like this prior to WWII. They are very rich and look good against the wood floor and the accessories. Prior to WWII, I know the colors were rich but applying them could be difficult (IE all of the drips on my 390E locos). That seems to be solved with modern enamels and spray booths.

This engine has more strength than many of the postwar MTH & Lionel beasts I have. I wonder how many people will be playing with these 40 or 50 years from now?


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Anonymous said...

You commented that the Lionel 256 would have is almost big enough to be standard gauge. As a matter of fact if you look an early Lionel catalog, the first year that illustrated the #8 standard Gauge loco,you will be pleased to see that the #8 was intended to look like the 256. Apparently when the #8 finally appeared it was the dull featureless #8 we are familiar with today. The 256 finally appeared as the two motor O gauge engine we all love. I agree with you, the Orange color is bloody putrid. I have the Richart blue set with the baggage and combine cars and a blue 256 Richart 256. I also have an unpainted silver 256 from Williams which I left that way with window inserts painted red and reproduction Lionel brass plates. The Richart came with motors, the Williams did not so I had to supply motors for it. Check the early Lionel 1920's catalogs for the first time the #8 appeared and you will see the 256 as it would have looked in standard gauge. Hope this helps~~