Saturday, August 06, 2005

More McCoy Collection

I hope James isn't angry, I airbrushed his granddaughter out of the picture with Photoshop. I don't want my children to be seen on the internet nor would I put anyone else's on either.

But trains are another story. Just check out those trolleys on the top shelf. Those are trolleys are top shelf (hello, is this microphone on?)! Silliness aside, this is some really nice stuff. I wonder what kind of sound all that metal makes when even just half of the rolling stock is chugging around the track!



Anonymous said...

So if you look really close, she appears as a ghost-like image :)

Tom Deater

Anonymous said...

WOW..... I've never seen Erie hoppers in that many colors..... and is the top TCA loco missing a member number? I didn't know you could get them without one..... and what are in those bags on the bottom.... look like red, white and blue TTOS locos to me....