Tuesday, August 09, 2005

More Amazing McCoy III

I didn't know McCoy even made some of this stuff.

It may seem like I am a little fixated on toys, babbling on about how beautiful, gorgeous, etc they are.

I'm not.

I'm fixated on art, especially lost art. Art that moves, has history, color and sound. It sounds cheesy but these capture a place in time in history. These reflect a family's worth of work and years of dedication to making toy trains. Is it that Constitution or the Declaration of Independence? No. Is it something that brings excitement and joy to everyone that sees it (young and old, from anywhere in the world)? Yes. Enough said.

By the way, what's that little engine to the left of the Steeple Cab. Is that a diesel switcher?

Standard gauge (and O gauge manufacturers), click on the picture to blow it up. Not everything needs to be a 214R Reefer or a 400E....


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