Monday, August 01, 2005

Daycoaches in 2005

Just over at Jim Cohen's house watching some Standard Gauge Day Coaches come to life.

These have yet to be paintedbut are on the way to being the first early model Daycoaches of 2005.

I'll tell ya, it's amazing when you see these parts coming together to make a train. It's like watching an artist in the process of creation. No, I'm not exaggerating either, this is as much an artform as it is toy creation. Makes the things this man creates worth every penny and then some.

The one in the front is actually part original daycoach that Jim is bringing back to life (by the way).

Wait until you see some of the stuff I found this weekend.... This is just the old tip of the iceberg!


Anonymous said...


I want to make sure I understand things correctly: Jim is making those cars?

Does he have a website? I looked in your links but didn't see one.



Standard Gauge Blogger said...

Correct, Jim is making those cars. Jim does not have a website.