Tuesday, August 09, 2005

More McCoy that caught my eye...

Ok, I like the holidays and the holiday train that is pictured here will probably never be matched.

There, I said it. I normally hate Christmas tree trains, usually because they are sold in Toys R Us and are made out of plastic. The products some of my friends purvey under the tree exclaiming to me that "they have toy trains too!". Well, no they don't.

This is a toy train. It makes noise, is decidedly low tech and took a ton of sweat and talent to make right here in the USA.

Funny as this may seem, what really caught my eye was that Interurban in the top right hand corner. This was another McCoy item that I didn't know about. I'd love to get a better picture of it. That reminds me of some of the really unusual traction in the Pacific Northwest that was running in the last century. Most of the designs were outrageous (and quite nice).

I'd like to see the Christmas train chuggin around the tree (or with the length of that train, trees).

James, you have one heck of nice collection. You should definitely be proud of this!

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