Monday, August 15, 2005

Mild Sugar Shock!

I just received the Morphy Auctions Book for their upcoming Sept. 1, 2 and 3rd auction. I went into mild sugar shock.

Check out the link above. I know, this isn't going to be especially cheap. Not much that has to do with quality ever is.

There aren't as many toy trains as I would like but that's ok. The selection is just amazing.

There's toys, ephemera, just about anything that makes the standard gauge collector's heart go pitty pat when they see an auction like this.

I was especially impressed with the Buddy L collection (some of which is seen above).

Changing the topic to something more sinister:

As you can see from the prior post on my last message, our spamming friends from the Far East have found my BLOG and posted some messages. It's actually a piece of software that goes out and looks at Google Blogs and see where it can post messages. it originated in India (yes, I am quite familiar with the product and its' purveyors).

I am going to leave it up, just so we can see why print on paper isn't dead. Some bad writing definitely gets through newsprint and in books but it gets weeded out (we hope) by the editor. Here on the internet, it's hard to combat a piece of software that could care less about the integrity of the end product (my standard gauge blog).

I'm going to leave it there. Not to punish us but to help us remember what this junk looks like. If I see it again or if anyone sees it pop up in other areas on the Blog, let me know. I will contact Google regardless and take action (not kidding) against the authors. Their get rich quick garbage has no place in our world.


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