Saturday, August 06, 2005

Tootsie Toys on eBay

I know I have probably said this before but if you are looking for some vehicles for your standard gauge pike, eBay still has some great, great bargains if you look hard enough.

These things are really nice, the Tootsie Toys and Manoil Cars are really not expensive and are almost scale with any standard gauge pike.

There's also one more big plus - they are really fun to play with. Hot Wheels were cool when I was a kid but my friends and I set up those big orange tracks with the battery operated whirring, shooty things and they never worked. These little cars really push the imagination and they modeled ordinary vehaicles that really weren't ordinary at all. They had a class and style that symbolized an era. Streamlining, art deco, it's all there.


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