Thursday, August 25, 2005

More Toonerville

Again, Toonerville's getting ready for some lucky owners. I believe that this is it. What you see is the last of the Toonerville's.

I am going to roll some Quicktime movies of this thing running so you all get an idea of how really interesting this thing is to watch.

I have a pictuer of Lyle Cain holding one of these on Antique Toy World. I'll scan it in.

Ok, now for my mildly psychotic tangent - this is why I really like standard gauge. The protoype for this is linked on my previous article and the model looks almost nothing like it. Who cares! I love the color, the sound, the crankyness of the train. I'm not worried about DCS or TMCC compatibility because it just doesn't matter, this thing runs with almost any power available on the planet. Some of my friend's kids can play video games until their eyes bleed but they're still riveted when I put this thing on my dirty and slightly bent track. And it runs like a top.

More on simplicity in another article. For now, imagine how amazing a whole Toonerville trainset would look.



Anonymous said...

Quick question: Where can I get one of the SG versions?

Web site, phone #, or email.

I did a search and sent emails to the three sites that had them listed but to no avail.


Standard Gauge Blogger said...

I think that these are spoken for and then some. Dick Mayer is in the TCA directory. I think you'd have to offer a really large chunk of change to get the guy to want to sell at this point. It's worth it but if I were you, I'd just watch eBay.