Thursday, October 28, 2004

Another Ives Goodie

Another Ives goodie. I'd love to see a layout like this. Speaking of which, I have never seen a bridge like one in the picture (at least all strung together like that).

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Gilbert Ives said...

I could use more bridges -- don't need more than one Hellgate. The long, red Flyer bridge would be welcome -- and all of Lionel's ramps and different short spans. But my favorite yet-to-be-reproduced is the Dorfan 414-L pictured on p. 183 in Riddle [56" long, 2 spans, 4 lighted corner-posts].

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

Hmm, I am going to have to check that out (the Dorfan Bridge). I am kind of max'ed out on the Hellgate as well. I'd also love to see a Bascule Bridge for Standard Gauge (I know I can recall seeing one at one point).

Let me ask a silly question - was there ever a standard gauge bridge made out of iron? With Ives & Dorfan making so much stuff out of Iron, I'd be curious. I also have seen the 2 7/8 gauge bridge on Joe Mania's website. As simple as it is, I'd love to get one that could handle standard gauge.