Friday, October 08, 2004

TCA E-Train

The new TCA e-Train is out! It's the fall edition and I am very glad to see it! Goes a little heavy on Post War Lionel and the York worship.

By the way, what's the most interesting thing you have seen at a show (York or otherwise)? Believe it or not, some of the best standard gauge I have seen has been at the Atlantique City Show in New Jersey. I have seen a few stellar Comet and State Sets there. The best though was a complete collection of factory colored variations of 42's. There was about 12 of them at about $3.5k to $4k a pop. Still though, really, really nice for someone with a serious chunk of change.

I also saw a full Mickey Mouse circus set with boxes. Blisteringly high price but it was cool to see the set in near mint condition.


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Gilbert Ives said...

A year or so ago I went to the Holidome show in York [held on the days just before the TCA show]. Nice atmosphere, lots of pricey stuff without the wandering hoards. Good place for lunch, too. Oh -- took a good long look at a '29 IVES Circus set.