Monday, October 18, 2004

That Sneaky Coal Train

Lionel lobbed that train betwen two regular, low priced sets (although I really love the freight set). This is another one of those sets I have been anxious to get my hands on for years. It is a stunning set in person, partly because it is a pretty simple set. The color does stand out and the contrast between black and red is what sets this movable art away from other trains.

High-railers got diddly on us tinplaters. This is a simple toy with a ton of moxie (see "Lost in Yonkers" if you're wondering what moxie is). I could also say that the coal train has Chutzpah. Anyone have the history of the coal train? Posted by Hello


Gilbert Ives said...

I would just say that the coal train would look even better, and make more sense, with a 384 steamer. I think of what Hertz said ["Riding Tinplate Rails"?] about manufacturers in the '20 claiming there was no market for steam engines, and then by the mid-'30's doing a complete reverse claiming there was no market for electrics.

Gilbert Ives said...

22 Oct. --
Current Ebay Std. listings show MTH 392 Coal Set. "RARE," as most things are so described on Ebay. Don't know when it was done but believe MTH last made 392 in '97. Ted Mauer Nov. 6 auction includes a 390 set [IIRC is in TM Std. Book].