Monday, October 18, 2004

Leland Monotrain Parts....

I wish I could have scanned this a little further (I'll figure out my scanner and then watch the posts fly!)

What really is intriguing (to me) about the Monotrain is how accessories started to rear their head and then never seemed to materialize. In all of the high priced Leland sets, I have never seen any of these accessories. Let's hope that MTH carries the products forward (like switches, crossovers, extra track and so on). The potential is there for some great things to happen....

I'd like to see (10 years from now) a TM Video on a monster Monotrain layout. Toys (except trains and maybe Erector Sets) don't get much more innovative than this. Posted by Hello


San Diegan said...

One of the sets on the page is a "figure 8". Does that mean a crossover part was planned?

It's tough to visualize a working turnout or crossover.

The basic MTH reproduction is definitely in my plans. I wonder why the set is 108" x 52". It will take some rearrangement to fit on my pin-pong sized (108" x 72") layout table.

Tom Virgil

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

I am not sure how the cross over worked but it is a pretty neat idea. One I would definitely try. I hope MTH uses a little imagination with this, there are accessories that were probably thought of but never produced. How about a big tinplate station for the Leland? How about signals for the Leland? Wouldn't it be cool if the Monorail stopped at a tinplate airport (and actually had a station inside the airport?). I can think of all kinds of accessories for this thing! What about a bumper if I want to park my monorail? Very cool stuff.

San Diegan said...

A tinplate monorail station, working signals, and bumpers would simply heighten the already relentless assault on my budget by MTH.

To add insult to injury, I hope MTH produces the set with a feature comparable to their programmable station stops for subways. An "out and back" option with this feature (as is currently offered with the subway sets) would be great.

Tom Virgil

Gilbert Ives said...

I'd like to see all sorts of items that the various manufacturers considered, but never produced. They could be made today for the limited specialty market in volumes of hundreds, not thousands.

Read through all the NORCAL newsletters. Take a look at the 390/Liberty Bell set made for PRR in March '04 issue. I'd like one of these myself. And while I'm ranting: Why only the 400E in various roadnames? Come on, Mike, how about the 392 and the 390? [not to mention the 1134!].

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

I agree Gilbert. I think we are going to see a 390E from Mike sooner or later. There was one in Lionel Classics which means Mike has made them before. I'd really like to get a 390E in Blue Comet colors. Most of the 390E's in Comet colors are 90% repro anyway. Here is what I would buy in a first run of the 390E:

Blue Comet Colors
Green and Orange Stripe 390E

If they wanted to go nuts, I would also like to see a UP 390E.


San Diegan said...

Joe Frank has posted a preview of Pat Fusco's "Steeltoys" elevated station and platfom over on the MTJ.

See it at

Pat's site is at

I am speculating that Pat's creations just might marry up with the Leland monotrain for a very nice tinplate scenario.

Tom Virgil