Sunday, October 31, 2004

Lionel Crossover Years

I was perusing this old Lionel catalog last week (I forgot which year it was). I noticed something interesting though. Lots of classic standard gauge and lots of early standard gauge in the same catalog (I will post another pic with the year of the catalog). What's interesting to me is that Lionel seemed to successfully market both old and new in the same catalog and more or less on the same page (the bottom cars were pulled by many early locos like the 42, etc.)

"What's your point Marc?" I haven't seen many of these mixed up sets. And I have seen a few collections/collectors that would consider mixing the above as heresey.

Also, what caught my eye was how totally goofy the red engine (I think it is a 318, I have to look at the catalog again) with the green passenger cars. I'd love to know what Lionel was thinking. Maybe they were just getting rid of some old stock?

I'll publish some additional pics from the catalog and I'd love to hear from everyone!

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Gilbert Ives said...

It took several years to convert from 'Early' to 'Classic' production. And the conversion began at the High End and then down the line. Tooling costs were much greater then than now, so they just upgraded over time. Think about how ridiculous the early Lionel cars looked with Flyer engines [before AF brought out their handsome freights].

Gilbert Ives said...

I pull my IVES Circus Set with the 'Classics' No. 7, but the feel of cars and loco works together since they're of the same design period and style.