Saturday, October 02, 2004

York Pics & Ideas?

I'd love to post some of the pics you folks take at York! I'd love to get more people contributing articles and pics to the site. It's the only way to keep it fresh and interesting. I have quite a few ideas and pics stored up. Here are a few:

Standard Gauge Stomping Grounds - I have a favorite place in upstate NY (Putman County) that I have some pics of and some great stories. Definitely a place worth going to and hanging out for a day.

New Standard Gauge on the Pike - Have pics of your new Prosperity Special or latest and greatest from Joe Mania, MEW or Jim Cohen? We'd love to see them!

Standard Gauge Buildings - I've seen a ton of discussion about it on the Yahoo discussion groups, I'd love to see some pics of your favorite buildings, I have some that I definitely will put up and share.

Lionel -- I'd love to see Lionel build more standard gauge. The Hiawatha and Commodore sets are nothing less than beautiful. Maybe we can give them some tips that will really help them blow out standard gauge in the future.

Any ideas? Would love to hear them! I am particularly interested in how I can make mountains that look like the Carrail mountains. They just really capture the spirit of prewar Lionel.

I'd also love to add some moderators to the site. If you would like to be a poster/moderator, drop me a note!



Gilbert Ives said...

Re: Lionel

What do the recent firings mean for Standard Gauge? Just how poorly did the new line sell? What's the minimum number of a given item [powerhouse/terrace & station/possible extra car[s] for Hiawatha/Commodore]?

Here in the Consumer's Paradise, we should be able to create enough demand so that someone will supply. Perhaps some sort of Standard-Gauge Co-op to commission a small run of a given item [much like club-cars are produced for various organizations. After all, every manufacturer likes a small but profitable 100%-SOLD-OUT run. Why not a 21st-century recreation of the old Standard Gauge Association? Other ideas???

Anonymous said...

A few thoughts so hopefully you'll bear with a long reply. (Love the site btw.)

I think that there is a market for nice standard gauge buildings. Why someone hasn't started taking the Plasticville route, same pieces and infinite color combinations, is beyond me. I would by 10 of the same building if someone was smart enough to market it in 10 different color combinations.

I doubt Lionel will be moving to making more Standard Gauge anytime soon. (Although we are coming up on the anniversary for them to re-run the Lionel Classics.) The Hiawatha and Commodore as blow outs have probably put a damper on "new" items. If anything I would expect re-releases and re-treads of old classics.

I can give you some advice on the Carrail mountains. We built similar out of insulation board. It's really just a matter of shaping the foam and then a lot of drybrushing.

Thanks for a great site. I got my first Standard Gauge engine over the summer. No regrets.

Yojimbo from the OGR forum

Gilbert Ives said...

I must get that video of Tom Snyder's layout. The fellow who built it reads the Yahoo Standard list, and, as I recall, was the consultant responsible for Lionel's Hiawatha [and presumably Commodore]. Other projects may now languish in Product Development Hell.

Gilbert Ives said...

re: Standard Gauge Buildings

PLASTIC seems to be the non-negotiable issue. A fellow-reader suggested a series of Plasticville-like buildings, but I don't see this as a real possibility. Other than the aesthetic objection, plastic is for mass-production, and Standard Gauge is extremely-limited-production. If only the Lionel Newsstand were done in sheet-metal!

In the 80's/90's, someone made a series of Std. bldgs. that were of real use. Enginehouse/Roundhouse, etc. into which would fit existing Std. -- unlike the rather useless Lionel turntable & roundhouse. And T-Repro made that terrace for the double station. I'd like to see more items like these. However, T-Reproductions recently went bankrupt, so we aren't going to see more items from them.

We have yet to see any of the Std. tunnels reproduced [unless Ron Morris makes them]. I could use a repro gateman, too. Flyer did that long bridge as well as the huge cardboard station. Also, various IVES platforms would be most welcome.

Gilbert Ives said...

re: York Photos

Problem is, cameras/picturephones not allowed -- more accurately: photography is not permitted inside any of the buildings.

Gilbert Ives said...

York Rarity --

Would like to have taken photo of 1930 IVES "Chief" set. It's the only one I can remember seeing for sale and is the rarest of the Lionel-bodied IVES passenger sets. Morgan/Prendeville booth; no idea of asking price.