Monday, October 18, 2004

Ives (the way it's supposed to be)

I just got my new scanner up and rolling. I just saw this picture in one of my old Ives Catalogs and I had to get it out. The artwork in the old catalogs really does a great job of representing true pieces of metal artwork. Artwork to represent artwork - a lost concept. Posted by Hello


Gilbert Ives said...

Lionel did a marvelous job on a few catalogs in the mid-90's. But then quickly changed course. MTH Tinplate catalogs would be perfect for this treatment. Problem is, this would cost some money, and MTH doesn't even splurge for Copy Editor and/or Proofreader.

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

Actually those catalogs (from Lionel in the mid-90's) were a result of my buddy Jim Bunte. He saw the value in the retro styling. Believe it or not, they didn't cost that any more than the Lionel catalogs with the pics, they just really needed a couple of excellent free-lance graphic artists and designers and a couple of Macs.

I actually had a complete tour of Lionel before Gary Moreau vaporized many of the best projects and key talent. Doing good work isn't expensive, good work is typically hard work. It's easier to take some digital pics and push it into Quark Express.

Sad because quite a few of my relatives and friends are artists and designers. This kind of catalog is definitely not out of reach, it's just that the trend in corporate America is to do things on the cheap and then claim they are beyond the best and amazing. Fortunately, we all know what the best really looks like.