Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Notice the Voltamp in the Back

I scanned in this pic from one of my reference books (Toy Train Treasury Vol 1, The Vickers Collection). Click on the pic and blow it up - that Voltamp set in the back is really something. I'd love to see something like this reproduced.

I also kind of like this layout. Seems like there is a tremendous amount of track in a relatively small amount of space. If anyone has a layout or collection like this, please feel free to send the pics. I'd love to post them!

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Standard Gauge Blogger said...

What kind of motors did Voltamp use? Were they the same design as Lionel? I saw some Voltamp freestanding motors once at a train show and they looked incredibly well made.


Gilbert Ives said...

31 Oct.

Joe Mania does seem to be producing a wider range, so perhaps Voltamp is next. I would like to see the C&F 45 and 34 reproduced as well as the mining train. We'll see. I'm still waiting for my caboose [over a year].

Too bad other volumes weren't produced [after Vol. 2]. At the time, many of the great first-generation collections were at their peak.

I like the idea of many circles of track so that many trains may be run at one time. If only standard track came in 54-inch diameter as well as 42 and 72. Gargraves sectional is available in diameters from 63 -- 138. Nice, but it takes LOTS of room.

Gilbert Ives said...

Re: Track/another Lionel gripe

Will we ever see the track system planned for launch with Hiawatha? [manufactured by K-line; sold by Lionel; embraced by some/many/few?] Lack of interest by market, or lack of commitment by manufacturer? Has Lionel made any Standard track since WWII? Even after introduction of 'Classics'?