Monday, October 04, 2004

Train Show Time

I love October because it is when train shows pick up in the Northeast. Train stores tend to get in some stock and even some standard gauge here and there. I usually check the Classic Toy Trains site for the train show calendar.

In the last two years though finding train shows has been kind of frustrating. Seems like all of the shows are not centrally listed and every time I stop in the train store, the guys say to me "Did you go to XYZ train show? I've never seen that much standard gauge in one place!!". Arrgghh. It wasn't published anywhere!!

Well, I do know there are some amazing auctions coming up (just from looking in CTT). Specifically Ward Kimball's and the Klumpp Collection. There are also some auctions coming from Stout and NETTE. I will post details (yes, I do share information!!) as soon as I see them.Posted by Hello

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