Sunday, October 31, 2004

eBay Blue Comets

Did I miss a meeting or something? There are four Blue Comet sets out on eBay. 3 of them are "original" and 1 is MTH. Did everyone decide to sell their Comet sets last week? I know people decide to buy and sell trains daily if not hourly. There is also an O gauge Comet set (prewar) out there as well.

What kind of concerns me is that I have seen the Comet on eBay at least 10 times in the last year. It seldom comes from someone that knows trains; always a person that bought it from the owner at a rare estate sale. Funny as that may seem, I have heard similar tales at train shows as well from train dealers that also happen to belong to quite a few clubs.

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Gilbert Ives said...

4 Nov.
I wonder just how many Comets were made. Plenty, I know. It was in the catalog for about a dozen years, and heavily promoted. The Black Diamond was a top-seller in 1928, though I don't know how many were actually made. And of course State Sets were always available to the collector, but always at a [relatively] high price. Nov. TCAHQ listings show 5 'Classics' sets with 381. Quite a few considering just how 'nearly-rare' they are!