Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The McCoy Story

Pretty cool book and very nice trolley. I seem to remember someone (Gilbert Ives I think)mentioning this in another disucssion. Not a really deep read but very interesting nonetheless. I definitely miss Bob McCoy and his talent for making some great trains.

What's your favorite McCoy item? Mine is the handcar and the cascade.

Has anyone seen any further reference on McCoy Trains? I haven't seen a single website with anything definitive on McCoy or his trains. I have a nice McCoy protoype that was built with Jim Cohen I will be posting a pic of soon. I'd really like to see or find some experts on McCoy.

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PS The link above will take you to one for sale on eBay from a reputable seller.


Anonymous said...

Just found and read through your entire site last night (saw the link in the Q). Great resource. Anyway, it is funny that you have been talking so much lately about McCoy, because a friend and I were discussing operating standard accessories when he starts talking about a McCoy carousel. I have personally never seen one and have been trying to find out more about it every since. If there is a pic in the McCoy Story book I would greatly appreciate if you could post it. From what I read on the only other site I could find with any info, , it had 30 horses and was lighted (I am not sure if it is the one pictured). The friend who told me about it also said that the outside horses moved and that there is an 8-track player under the base to play the music.

If anyone has any more info or has any corrections to what I have written please post.



Gilbert Ives said...

31 Oct.
This carousel sounds fantastic! We could use a picture-CD or even old-fashioned book [like Doc Robbie's on IVES] cataloging all McCoy production. [Or at the very least, a multi-part article in the TCAQ]. Not so long ago, I read through about 20-years-worth of Quarterlies and [TTOS] Bulletins and I can't remember when the article actually appeared, but there was a profile of a McCoy collector with something approaching an encyclopedic collection.

Standard Gauge Blogger said...


Drop me an email when U can and I will give you some info on how to get McCoy info.


Gilbert Ives said...

4 Nov. -- This morning's mail brought the TCAHQ News for November. P. 84 features ad from Bob McCoy, Jr. and lists McCoy Story Books $10.00. Likely this same book -- considerably cheaper for anyone who still needs.

Anonymous said...

I have a McCoy carrousel and was a friend of Bob and Margaret. I had to do electrical mods to the lighting system. The copper wipes melted when too many series bulbs went out. Now lighted with LEDs. 8 track works fine.

The carrousel is a priceless work of art. Margaret hand made the fancy dress for the horses.