Sunday, October 31, 2004

Ives 1 Gauge (I love this stuff!)

Just burrowing through some old Ives catalogs. I was curious, does anyone have a 1 Gauge set up or layout they could send me a pic of? I bid on a 1 Gauge item once at a live auction. The only 1 Gauge stuff I have seen was in Ward Kimball's collection.

It isn't standard gauge but it would look great on a layout!

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Gilbert Ives said...

4 Nov. -- I Just Adore IVES 1-Gauge....
At last year's Oct. York, I remarked to Joe Mania how nice it would be to have a No. 40 under my Christmas tree. He said he would really like to make a few if he could get hold of an original. Of course they're out there -- Don Lewis was selling one on Ebay, Stout has one in tomorrow's [?] auction, and Ward Kimball's beauty [I expect] will go on the block. Early version/Late version? A Toy Train Masterpiece in any version.

Gilbert Ives said...

Swell photo of Bill Vagell with IVES 20th-Cent. Lim. Exp. in 1-Gauge. [Toy Trains of Yesteryear, p. 37.] I'd smile, too!