Friday, October 15, 2004

York This Weekend!

Yes, I know this picture is from the West Coast, not the East Coast. Frankly, I'd go to any TCA Meeting on any coast. But this weekend, my wife told her friend that I would love to go to her Christening instead!! Arrrgggghhhhh!!!!

Torture, plain and simple. My wife can't understand why I am scowling in the morning and while I am eating lunch! One thing is for sure, I will definitely miss seeing a large amount of standard gauge this weekened. For me, I don't have to buy it, I just like seeing it and talking to the folks. If something really catches my fancy, I will leave a card and maybe buy it a few weeks or a month down the line. I just like seeing the trains!

At any rate, I thought this was a neat picture for two reasons.

1) Because it is kind of nostalgic and it reminds everyone where train collecting has been.
2) Because it has some cool McCoy boxcars on the table.

Which brings me to a topic I have been anxious to bring up: McCoy collecting. Bob McCoy sure did make some nice standard gauge items (way back before many of us were born). He had some ideas that he brought to life that were innovative and just plain great. He built Trolleys, Cascades, beautifully painted boxcars, engines of many sizes and shapes, galloping gooses, hand cars (that were really, really nice) and the list goes on. I have a few McCoy catalogs from the early 80's I was thinking about scanning in and sharing in some small way on the Blog.

Are there any McCoy collectors out there? Do you have any pics of your most interesting pieces? How much McCoy do you run? What is the rarest McCoy item? Bob McCoy and his family really produced something special. We'd love to see some of the treasures! I have a few McCoy TCA cars I will definitely share pics of very soon.
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Gilbert Ives said...

Not that long ago, I read an article with McCoy production figures. And what surprised me was just how MUCH stuff they made, given how labor-intensive this was. I love their steamers, particularly the 4-6-0 [twin-motored IIRC]. And they did also make a repro of the cast-iron AF. However the cars are a bit too primitive for my taste, while I do rather like the Classic Model Train line.

Actually, at present, I don't have a single McCoy item, yet I've been flirting with the idea of buying convention cars from conventions I actually attended. This'll be a pretty short train.

San Diegan said...


I have a set of three TTOS McCoy passenger cars and a 1978 CA 24th National Convention caboose. None of them are rare, but they were the first cars I had to pull behind a 392 engine, so I like them.

I would love to see catalog page scans of some the other McCoy productions. Bob McCoy was prolific, and I would to see that kind of production now.

Tom Virgil

Gilbert Ives said...

Re: McCoy

Some of your Readers may be unfamiliar with an existing book on McCoy:
"From a Chicken Coop to Model Trains -- The McCoy Story" by Mark Horne [1992].

Gilbert Ives said...

YORK ramblings:

Picked up a copy of that TM video of Tom Snyder's Standard Gauge Layout and just finished viewing. VERY INSPIRING!

Went by Gargraves booth. They had a Commodore on the Std. loop -- GORGEOUS. Love their track [even though it has plastic ties]. Problem is, minimum diameter is 63". They'll send a short sample if your call/e-mail them.

MTH had blue Dorfan set and Chessie 400E set running on their Tinplate table. Got one of the Tinplate catalogs [2005 vol. 1, so one can hope for more new releases in vol. 2.]. Palmetto was on the display shelves along with many of the new 200-series cars. Don't think the ones with 500-series trucks can couple to the others with regular 200-series trucks -- an added complication.

Barry at MEW said he didn't have time to make any of the IVES 2-window cabooses, but still plans to [along with the '28 lumber car].

Joe Mania had his version of the Harmony Creamery boxcar made for TCA 50th, but I didn't seen any C&F.

Was hoping to see a lot of MTH Tinplate at super-sale prices, but, alas, was disappointed.

Mentioned the repro AF cardboard station in another post, so I think I covered all notable points. As I was en route to another commitment yesterday afternoon, I just didn't have time to visit each of the halls. But York is always great fun no matter how short the stay!

Standard Gauge Blogger said...

Blue Dorfan set? How intriguing! What color was it? I only seem to remember a black or green set. In the new catalog, I don't remember seeing any new blue Dorfan stuff. What was the set of (I could be just having momentary mind lapse).

Dang!! I am so mad I missed YORK!


Gilbert Ives said...

Blue Dorfan NOT in printed catalog -- check website. I found long ago searching "tinplate" line "Dorfan". Thought it might have been cancelled, but does indeed exist! To my eye under Orange Hall lights looked much like National-Limited blue. Think # for loco is 10-1223.