Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Who says standard gauge doesn't work with Halloween?!?! Check out this page from an Ives Catalog; The Tiger is a really beautiful little train with minimal graphics. Just two colors mixed together; black and orange.

It really works well. Honestly, I am not a big fan of the color orange on trains. Yes, I know some of the most beautiful real trains and toy trains have orange in them (Hiawatha, The Tiger, etc.). I was never a big fan of an all orange 9E, I know a few collectors have paid 4 and 5 digit numbers for them and I could never get understand why. But the Tiger really pulls it off.

Yes, I know, much of my BLOG is a wish list. I really wish I could make this stuff myself. Check out the other gorgeous toys on this page. There are a ton of Ives items that have yet to see the light of modern day, let's hope these toy ghosts come back to life....

Happy Halloween!

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Gilbert Ives said...

And I'm sure those interiors are upholstered in that ugly Princeton plaid. Barf! While orange is certainly not a color I'm normally attracted to, I must say that the IVES orange used on the 3243 MTH set has a certain charm, particularly since it was THE color for so many on long-ago Christmas surprises. There was some passing mention of a long-cab 3245 with Cardinal Red trim instead of the Olympian Orange. Sounds nice to me -- could pull Black Diamond cars and also Circus Set [as some original sets were produced].