Monday, October 18, 2004

A Lone Scout

Haven't seen too many Lone Scouts on tables at train shows. Nor have I seen many in private collections. I think this might be something that needs to get reproduced.... This is one of those great sets that isn't a gigantic, majestic set (like a Comet or State Set) yet looks really cool in person. Color seems to effect size. The colors on this train are bold and stark and they leave a lasting impression. I really like some of the chances American Flyer took on their wide gauge trains.

I wish I could go back 75 years and pack a few warehouses with sets..... But then I'd have to save real Trolleys and the Hiawatha as well as a full Hudson and the Twentieth Century Limited. I'd run out of room in about 72 hours. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

I agree about the Lone Scout cars, they are just some of the most beautiful standard gauge passenger cars produced. The colors combined with the lothography are stunning. I have always hought that AF made the most spectacular and beautiful standard gauge trains. Only Dorfan freights stand out as even more spectacular and beautiful. Once again, the combination of great colors and detailed lithography make for beautiful toy trains.

Jim Kelly

Gilbert Ives said...

I LOVE LITHOGRAPHY, but unfortunately Mr. Cowan was successful in convincing the marketplace that the practice was "CHEAP". Just another reason for me to hate Lionel! [There are quite enough Lionel-Worshippers so if I can't provide any real "balance" I can at least give The Contrarian's Viewpoint"].
Anyway, I'd welcome repro Dorfan freights. And as for suggestions of items to be produced, how about Wide-gauge IVES freights lithographed as they did their O-gauge models. [At least one of the late-'20's catalogs shows cars like these, yet none were produced].